About Our Firm

Birch Capital Management is a boutique firm that provides tailored wealth and investment management offerings to individuals, trusts, and foundations.  We seek to relieve clients from the myriad financial complexities that wealth involves so that they are free to pursue their greatest interests.

Birch Capital Management traces its roots back to a small family office dating back to the 1930’s.  The firm was created to serve and still serves the successive generations of this family alongside other clients that desire this same level of service.  We listen intently to all our clients and craft customized solutions that suit their needs, preferences, and personalities.  For some clients, we provide a comprehensive wealth management service and for others we manage a specific strategy that fills a hole in their portfolio.  In all cases, we seek to provide a thoughtful and unique experience.  Our private ownership and independence from any affiliated firms supports and protects this unique experience for our clients.



About Our Clients

The firm is about equally divided between clients that use us for comprehensive wealth management and those that use us for a specific investment management strategy.  Around 45% of our assets under management relate to trusts established for successive generations.  

Some examples of our clients are those that:

  • desire a higher degree of attention, or felt overlooked by their prior firm;
  • no longer want to perform part or all their personal financial management themselves;
  • are entrepreneurial but for any number of reasons wanted to take some risk off the table, provide preservation and growth of capital, achieve stable income for retirement, or establish investment management continuity for successive generations;
  • don’t want to be put into a box or assigned to a passive model investment portfolio and service offering, but instead prefer a tailored active investment and service approach; or
  • that have significant investment experience and manage a portion of their assets themselves but would like to fill in diversification holes in their portfolio with specific investment strategies.


About Our Founder

Barclay Nelson, CFA, CAIA, CFP   

Barclay Nelson established Birch Capital Management in 2010, to continue a succession of family office investment management. While Barclay is a 3rd generation portfolio manager, he did not immediately step into this role before accumulating experiences in management consulting, portfolio analytics, and capital markets.  He brings this accumulation of skills to a job he loves and feels he is helping the firm’s clients every day.
Barclay is a member of Dallas CFA Society; and is a Director of the Nelson Family Foundation, and The Margaret and Mary Nelson Family Foundation. Barclay enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children and fly fishing.

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