Trust Management

Our intimate knowledge of the specific needs of trusts, trustees, and beneficiaries, allows us to relieve the burden of poor trust company servicing and investment management.

Investment management of irrevocable trusts comprises about 40% of assets managed by the firm. Because such a large portion of the firm’s clientele is irrevocable trusts, the firm has developed a deep understanding of the needs and expectations of trustees, trusts, and beneficiaries. Unfortunately, trust investment management does not typically receive its own separate designation, description, and category. Trusts are a unique type of client which often have needs and objectives that are very different than other types of clients. Our trust clients have experienced tremendous dissatisfaction with poor servicing and investment management provided by their former corporate trustees and trust companies. Birch has virtually eliminated the frustration of trust company client servicing by stepping in as a relationship manager to the trust. Furthermore, Birch has helped remove the frustration around poor trust company investment management by removing investment management responsibilities from the corporate trustee through delegated or directed trust arrangements.